A Guide to Texas Bail Bonds


Written by Liam Barnes

November 9, 2021

A Guide to Texas Bail Bonds

When a person gets arrested for a criminal offense they are alleged to have committed, often the first thing a lawyer will advise you on is to seek the services of a bail bond agent to be free.

We at Billy’s Brownsville Bail Bonds Texas are experts at helping you get freedom while your case is still to to court.

​So what do we exactly do for you?

Evaluate Bond Application

We will conduct a thorough investigation of your background whether you are a flight risk or if you are still likely to appear in court.

We will also assess your capability to pay the bond fee as well as the financial consequences that will come by if you at one time fail to show up to your court hearings.

We help people who cannot afford bail to get out of jail. Adhering to all your court hearings will enable us to recover the bond money once the case is done with.

Completion of Paperwork

Once you are granted a bond, we will accept to pay on your behalf and immediately start completing the paperwork and filing it with the court.

Once the bail is approved, you will temporarily get released from jail and we will now be responsible for ensuring that you do not flee or fail to show up for your court hearing.

We Will Keep You Updated

We will keep in touch on the prospects and the status of your case.

Since you would like your bail application to be approved quickly, we will ensure that you get it in the shortest time possible.

The benefits you will get while working with us are numerous. We will help you and your family:

  • Keep your money and assets safe.

This simply means that if you are struggling to finance your bond amount, we will pay it for you if you have assets that can serve as collateral.

If you ensure that you show up to all your court hearings, the bond money will eventually be returned once the case is done with. We will help you if you get bail money and be free from jail if you are under financial constraints. 

  • We will ensure that your financial matters are kept private.

There is a problem that comes in when you decide to pay bail by yourself.

It may complicate the case on the offense you are alleged to have committed as the court may want to know where you got the money you are paying for bail.

You surely would like your financial matters to be kept private and that can be done by allowing us to pay the bond on your behalf. This takes away the chance of the court suspecting you further.

  • We boast knowledge and experience about the process involved.

We will not just write a cheque and send it to you for bail payment.

​We will constantly work with you in the entire bail process and this will be beneficial to you as we are experienced and will advise you on the important things.

We will help you answer all the questions you may be having regarding posting the bail and also do all the paperwork for you. This will speed up the process and help you get out of jail quickly. 

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