How Do Bail Bonds Work?

One of the most important things to understand when it comes to obtaining a bail bond is how the process works and exactly why it’s in place. Though it can be rather simple to understand how having a financial incentive can ensure that you see your day in court, the exact processes can be a little vague, especially to those who have never gone through obtaining one before. This is why Billy’s Brownsville Bail Bonds provides you with the information you need.
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When you have your bail amount set by the courts, the exact figure that’s presented to you is only in place if you plan on paying the entire amount yourself. When obtaining the services of a professional bonding company, you only need to provide 10% of the final amount to that bondsman. This can alleviate some of the pressure that comes with trying to obtain the necessary finances you need in a short amount of time and ensure that you can make the required payments in order to obtain your freedom until your court date draws near.


Though only a percentage of the total bond amount needs to be put up to your bonding company, the remainder of the amount needs to be covered through some form of collateral. Whether this is a vehicle, home, bank security or other means, this additional collateral is what’s used to cover the remainder of the cost of your bond. Finding collateral can sometimes be difficult but you can count on our professionals to work with you in order to ensure that you can have the necessary collateral covered, combined with the percentile payment, in order to obtain your freedom in the interim.

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Making Your Court Date

We often are asked “how do bail bonds work if I make my court appearance?” This aspect of your bond is actually the simplest part of the entire process. The financial payment and collateral that you make is a surety that you will stand in front of a judge when the day arrives and if you do, then your collateral is turned back over to you as well as the payment that you’ve made, minus 10% of that financial payment as a means of covering the costs of having your bond posted for you as well as the administrative services required.

Failing to Appear

In the circumstances where individuals fail to appear for their court cases, the deposit made on your bail bond is forfeit as well as the value of the remainder taken from the collateral. Working with Billy’s Brownsville Bail Bonds will ensure that even in these situations, the amount withdrawn is exactly the amount expected. What is a bail bond? It’s an assurance that you have the necessary incentive in place to face your day in court and that even in these situations, where obtaining the financial assistance necessary also carries consequences if the responsibilities that you hold during that time are avoided.
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