How Long Can They Hold You in Jail Without a Bond in Texas?

The question, how long can they hold you in jail without a bond in Texas may have run through your mind once or twice? Or maybe it has not, but the fact that you are reading this assumes you have some prevailing interest in the topic.

Assuming that you live in Texas or are just plain curious about the prison system in that state, you have to know that Texas, unlike any other state in the US, has the strictest bond conditions in the nation.

The police can hold you in jail if you don’t post bonds for a long span of time, up to 90 days (3 months) or until your court hearing is completed. You will remain in prison and be detained for as long as your trial is in the process.

If you get arrested in Texas, you will have to post a bond; that’s the law. When someone gets arrested in Texas, the process is pretty much the same as any other state in the US. They are usually questioned by the police and then detained in jail until their court case. 

This process is not any different, if you get arrested in Texas, you will be detained in prison without a bond and in most cases, and you will have to remain in jail until you can post a bond. From the point where you can post a bond, you will be released from being detained. To have a better understanding of the bail bonds process, it’s important to understand exactly how bail is determined.

But the real question is what happens after you are imprisoned? How long do you stay in jail if you can’t make bail? The answer is simple: you will have to remain in jail as long as it takes your court hearing to finish. 

What is the Difference between a Bond and Bail?

Bonds are a great way to get out of jail, but they can be tricky. Bonds are a surety, a form of warranty that can help you prove to the court that you take your case seriously and you are going to show up during your trial. 

Also, bonds can help you if you don’t have money or a family member to post bail on your behalf, which will result in you being stuck in jail until you can raise the money—which can take weeks or months or, worst, years. 

That is why people get desperate to get out of jail and others desperate to get in; it’s easy for bonds to become sold. Bonds serve as a guarantor that you will show up in court in time for your trial. 

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On the other hand, bail is a financial guarantee given to a defendant who has been arrested to ensure that they appear in court. Bails are related to bonds in a way that a bail bond agent can pay bail on behalf of the defendant. This will help the accused to be released from jail until a court order is placed.

Why would you get a bond?

Getting a bond is considered a better plan compared to staying in jail. After the arraignment in court, you will be held in jail until your trial. Many people have their reasons why they are desperate to get a bond. 

Perhaps the person is being held in prison for a serious crime, has recently been released from prison, has recently been released from rehab, or has a mental illness that makes him a danger to himself or others. 

Nevertheless, signing a bond is better than having no bonds because it is like getting a safety net to help you get out of these situations. Possibly a more common reason is that the person is innocent and wants to attain freedom from being detained for a crime they did not commit. 

What is a bail bondsman?

The bail bondsman will serve as the middle person between you and the court, helping you by posting a bond that could release you from being detained in jail. Bail bondsmen are professionals who protect people and property until they can be brought to court and cleared of any charges. That’s all there is to it. 

Most average bail bonds range from $6,000-$10,000 (depending on the court’s decision); bondsmen can usually get you out of jail before the scheduled court date, regardless of the crime committed by their client. 

That is why people choose to seek the services of a bail bondsman whenever they find themselves in jail situations. This is an excellent service that saves people money and the time and energy it would take to hire a lawyer.

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To obtain a bond, a defendant must prove they have the means to make good on their promise to appear in court and that they have not committed any other crimes since their arrest. 

So, whenever you find yourself in difficult situations like this, you can depend on our service to help you get out of that situation. Here at Billy’s Brownsville Bail Bonds, we can assure you of successful bond services. 

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