How Immigration Bail Bonds Work

If your family member or a loved one has found themselves on the wrong side of the law and detained by ICE (immigration and customs enforcement), you will need the help of an attorney to get an immigration bond.

An immigration bond will help release your loved one from being kept in custody until his or her court hearing. These bonds are available for detainees based on their status of arrest. 

The U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) is a government organization which detains foreign nationals.

ICE can release the individual based on personal recognizance, a case where you will not be required to pay for the bond. However, when an immigration judge or ICE sets a bond amount, you need to explore the options available for you.



A person who has been detained by ICE could still qualify for an immigration bond based on the kind of ruling made by the judge.

A detained person usually receives a notice of conditions of their custody from the immigration and customs enforcement on a possible release through a delivery bond as well as an arrest warrant.

The reason for this is to ensure that you show up to all the court hearings. This allows the individual to have time which he/she can spend with friends and family. They also get a chance to consult an immigration lawyer as they await the court hearing.

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In some cases, a detainee is offered the chance to leave the country voluntarily at their own expense in a given period.

If a departure bond had been met, it will be refunded to the person once they have left the country. It will however be written off if the person still hasn’t left the country as per the agreement.

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The immigration judge or the ICE usually sets the bond amount.

However, the bond amount can increase or decrease based on a variety of factors such as the individual’s family ties in the USA, their employment situation, their criminal history, and the individual’s immigration status.

As the flight risk goes higher so does the bond amount also go up. Normally, the usual amount for a delivery bond is usually $1,500 but can go up to ten grand or more depending on the assessment of the detained individual and the risk he/she pose to public safety and national security.

​In the case of departure bonds, they can amount to around five hundred dollars and above. It is important to note that the government may take quite some time before returning the bond money to the individual who posted it.


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1. You need to find an immigration Bail Bondsman.

These are people who will educate you on the immigration bond and help you with all your immigration needs. You can call them to discuss whether or not, your loved one is eligible for an immigration bond.

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3. Are you eligible for an immigration bond?

The ICE is able to assess whether one has a chance of getting a bond. The judge considers several factors such as flight risk, public safety, and national security concerns before issuing a bond to the detainee.

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2. Immigration Detainee Tracker

This helps you check the status of the immigration detainee using the ICE inmate tracking tool. An inmate number that begins with an “A” will be given to you. Ensure you have it always.


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4. Paying the immigration bond

The one who is making this payment should have legal status in the US. In this case, the US Immigration bonds will pay it on your behalf.

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